Why Should I Hire a Professional to Do My Taxes?

1. We can help you make the best filing decisions for YOU.

Do you have multiple streams of income? Do you have your own business that you run by yourself with no employees (and therefore file as Schedule C)? Do you have an LLC that you file with your individual taxes? Do you have kids? A house? 

Everybody’s situation is different and there are so many tax decisions and forms to fill out, it can be easily overwhelming, even with the help of a tax AI like HR Block or TurboTax. A live professional such as the ones at Assemblage can guide you through the best decisions to make when filing taxes that maximize your returns. 

2. We know what’s deductible!

How many of you in years past have taken the standard deduction because you aren’t sure how to calculate your own deductible? Or attempted to decide in your head if the standard was better than what you knew for sure was deductible? A professional will actually do the calculation for you and help you find every little thing that could be deducted so that you are getting the best deals.

3. Business taxes have different due dates!

Do you have to file individual AND business taxes? They’re different!! From dates to forms to regulations, the taxes are not the same, and having a professional to guide you through that process saves you a big headache trying to keep track of and unravel it all.

4. Computers can’t advise you on information they don’t have. 

When you use an AI program to do your taxes, you can answer the computer’s questions, but you may not know to tell the computer vital information that would trigger it to give you a different, more fitting pathway for you. A human being can discover pathways even if you don’t mention it to them. 

To learn more, book a free consultation call with Assemblage as soon as possible! Tax season is a busy season, and we fill up fast! We can also help with bookkeeping, business strategy, and scaling your business finances!

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