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“How do I even know if I need a fractional CFO/Business Advisor?”

You have achieved profitability and have accelerated projections to hit! You’re excited about that high-ticket package you thought you’d never sell at that price point!

Except……You have no idea how you’re going to deliver without continuing to burn yourself out, if your team can handle more and be efficient AND, you don’t REALLY know if your numbers are making sense.  Which leaves you to lack confidence in knowing if you’re making the right decisions for sustainability.

The ONLY reason we can imagine you feel this way is either because you don’t have an internal CFO/COO, or you haven’t reached out to a fractional CFO/Business Advisor to discover the story behind your numbers and maximize productivity.

Sustainable Alternative

You're ready to unlock sustainability with our financial strategy, collaboration and acceleration without burnout! We help six and seven-figure businesses to increase ROI!

Proven Method

Even if you don't want to be in the weeds of your day-to-day financial and systems management, our proven 5-Step Profit Acceleration Methodology will help you elevate your business profitability and productivity!

Budget Friendly

You will have a dedicated fractional CFO/Business Advisor in your back-pocket to develop a tailored strategy for you, without the costs and longer-term commitment of adding a new C-level executive employee to your payroll!

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Our revenue grew 5X in just 5 months of working with Kellé!

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Kellé Thorpe

Kommas with Kellé was launched by Kellé Thorpe in 2020 originally under the name Assemblage LLC, which is now our parent company. With Kellé’s over 20 years of expertise and strategic approach, we quickly catapulted into a profitable multi-six figure firm in the first year, during the pandemic and without burnout!

At Kommas with Kellé, our unwavering focus is always on our clients’ success. We understand the value of every dollar for a business owner, that’s why we’ve tailored our fee structures to optimize cost predictability and efficiency. Our firm’s scalability ensures we can adapt to changing demands, providing clients with a reliable partner for their overall financial and business strategy needs.

By entrusting Kommas with Kellé as their fractional CFO and Business Advisor, businesses can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and reap the benefits of a strategy that delivers an instant return on their investment.

Kelle Thorpe (66)
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