Why Hire an Accountant?

1. An accountant will establish internal controls.

Companies with less than 100 employees are statistically the most likely to experience white collar crime and be put in a position where employees are stealing. Established internal controls mitigate this risk.

2. An accountant can perform your large purchases (larger than $20,000).

The accountant will be responsible for due diligence by assessing different quotes, ensuring the purchase meets company requirements, and ensuring the return on investment calculations are correct and reasonable.

3. Accountants can be responsible for project management!

If you are looking to implement new business processes, open a new office location, manage a capital improvement project, or integrate new technology, an accountant can help! This is because they are very familiar with working closely with all departments of a business in the financial system in a way to ensure you make money.

4. Accountants perform financial analysis.

This will allow you to appropriately set staffing levels, inventory levels, understand the cash flow, revenue streams, save enough to pay the relevant taxes, etc. While financial analysis could be performed by the head of the company, an accountant will make your life so much easier by doing it quickly and efficiently so you can focus on strategic planning based on the results.

5. Accountants will design, automate, and deliver weekly financial reports such that you can make sound and solid financial decisions.

This can include improving excel spreadsheets.

6. An accountant can deliver training on business procedures that will ensure the internal controls and financial processes run smoothly and correctly.

They can also deliver ethics training to help build your culture in the direction you want it to go.

Assemblage is your one stop accountant shop for all of these benefits accountants can provide your business. Call us today to discuss your accounting needs.

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