What is Application Integration?

With the advancement of cloud-based software and several apps to choose from, it can be a challenge to create a seamless flow for your bookkeeping and business needs. Whether you’re sending an invoice or syncing customer information into a CRM, you might consider using an application integration software to speed up the process and to effectively automate your systems.

What is Application Integration?

Application (or app) integration is the sharing of processes and data between not just two individual applications, but among several cloud-based applications and even on-premise, legacy softwares. The integration essentially creates a bridge between these apps, such as sending orders from your e-commerce app to your ERP fulfillment system. When you automate your processes and sync them to each other, you not only reduce the data entry, but also the amount of steps in between.

At Assemblage, we care about automation and efficiency. Check out our previous blog, “5 Ways to Automate Your Bookkeeping” to learn more.

Some businesses will choose integration to do a one-time move of data, a two-way synchronization, or a custom-build point-to-point transfer. Whichever process you choose, when you’re integrating the apps, you’ll be using its API, or Application Programming Interface, to make those connections happen. API involves the procedures, protocols, and tools of each app and serves as the middle man, helping the programs to communicate effectively with each other.

How We Can Help

  • At Assemblage, we provide expert advice on cloud-based technology to go paperless/lite, to increase automation and minimize manual data entry.
  • We also assist with conversions and new system implementation.
  • Additionally, we have an innovative and strategic approach to managing/streamlining all critical components of businesses day-to-day back-office functions i.e. recruiting, administrative, bookkeeping, and accounting.

If you’re looking to outsource, contact us today, and tell us how we can be an asset to you!

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