Want to learn how to make $25K in Profit

Our Kollectives offer an opportunity for vetted entrepreneurs to have exclusive access to other entrepreneurs for collaboration, financial strategy and resources, and accountability.

🔸 Do you want to accelerate your business revenue?

🔸 Do you want to collaborate with CEO entrepreneurs and professionals?

🔸 Have you started your business, not quite ready to outsource your bookkeeping so you can focus in your zone of genius but need some guidance on how to scale to increase productivity and profits?

🔸 Have you outsourced your bookkeeping but need insights on what those numbers really mean, how to spend to drive up profits, etc.?

🔸You want to achieve projected earnings of $50K and beyond.​

🔸 You're not in the finance or accounting industry and require assistance in effectively managing your numbers.​

🔸 You want to be empowered to stop hiding from your numbers and gain confidence in effectively managing your business.

🔸 You want assistance in getting your numbers together so you can be eligible for $50K grants and beyond.

🔸 You need help achieving profitability and a return on investments.

Is designed to give you access to a CFO as you DIY your financial needs. Both memberships provide unlimited access to text communications, ensuring you can reach out to our team whenever you need assistance or have any queries related to your financial management.
Is designed to give you access to resources as you DIY your financial needs. Both memberships provide live Q&A
and 24/7 access ensuring you have the opportunity to gain CFO strategic guidance.



Full Access to ALL In-Demand Kontent

This will help you foundationally know how to track your numbers, get systems to track those numbers, and tools to help monetize. 

24/7 Stay on Track Kollective Accountability

Get support from experts in different fields when looking to uplevel your business.

1x Monthly Live Group Q&A & Money Date with Fractional CFO

Get ideas to help optimize spending and productivity, get your numbers on track, and gain CFO strategic guidance.

1x Monthly Private Strategy w C-Level Executive

Direct and personalized feedback to YOUR numbers to increase profitability, strategic planning, and an increased return on investment.

1x Weekly Go Live on Our Platform

Exposure to get new eyes on your business and offers.

CFO’s Answer Bank: Unlock Wisdom with Unlimited Text Messaging

Direct access to CFO for quick financial questions.

The Fractional CFO & Business Strategist Behind Krushing It Kollectively

Hello I am Kellé, the driving force behind Kommas with Kellé, offers premium outsourced accounting solutions to CEOs and entrepreneurs. With an innovative cloud-based platform, I handle day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting tasks, empowering clients to focus on their strengths and maximize profits through strategic spending. As a Fractional CFO, C-Suite advisor, and business strategist, I am dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and senior-level corporate executives, helping them uncover the stories behind their financial numbers and drive revenue growth through intelligent investments.

With nearly two decades of experience in administrative and accounting roles at prestigious law firms, I’ve risen from an Accounting Clerk to a Chief Administrative Officer. Along this journey, I acquired extensive knowledge in client service, budgeting, auditing, financial systems planning, and personnel management. My professional profile showcases strengths in leadership, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, and a hands-on approach. Kommas with Kellé prioritizes clients’ success by tailoring fee structures for cost efficiency. By outsourcing to her firm, businesses can save significantly and benefit from an ROI-driven strategy. Additionally, I offer Krushing It Kollectively (KIK), providing entrepreneurs with accountability, network access, and financial business strategy while retaining control over their accounting functions. KIK empowers entrepreneurs to thrive with my expertise, support, and resources.

Got Questions?

A SIGNATURE MEMBERSHIP is perfect for those that want to do-it-yourself and get an introduction to your numbers.


The PREMIER MEMBERSHIP is the perfect choice for individuals seeking comprehensive financial support and strategic guidance. If you want to review your numbers to make financial business decisions, strategize on profitability, and have access to a CFO in your back pocket to share financial questions.

Access to masterclasses and templates from subject matter experts which may include accounting, bookkeeping, finance, leadership, legal, operations and more.

You can! Just head over to our membership site – all of our courses and templates are available for individual purchase. Check our store!

Simply inform us of your desire to cancel your membership. We will take care of the entire process on your behalf. It’s important to note that upon cancellation you will no longer have access to our services, community, and exclusive member pricing.

If you would like to upgrade to fractional CFO services beyond your membership, our team is ready to take all of your bookkeeping off your plate! We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs and assist you in achieving your financial goals, whether it’s financial strategy, budgeting, forecasting or other CFO-related support. Our clients with fractional CFO services strategically spend so they can drive up profits, optimize productivity and work in their zone of genius.

Yes, of course! Feel free to make a suggestion. I’m all ears!

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