Ask My Accountant!

How often do you wish you could just ask your Accountant a quick question? Or a series of quick questions to make sure that when it comes time for year-end finances and tax season, everything is right where it should be?

Do you google “how much is an accountant” and screech at the price tag? On average, Thumbtack Pros provide monthly access to an accountant at a cost between $75 to $175.

I have GOOD NEWS for you! The Assemblage “Ask My Accountant” (AMA) subscription program is $67 per month.

As an exclusive member of AMA, you have direct access to KellĂ©’s calendar which allows you the open option to schedule a monthly 25-minute accountability check-in or business/financial strategy phone call.

To put this in perspective, through the AMA program, you can get 114 minutes of KellĂ©’s time over 4.5 months for the same price as our 90-minute one-time Financial 1-on-1 strategy session.

This program is for existing clients, meaning you have to have already purchased a “pick my brain” session for $167 or a “financial 1 on 1” session for $307.

Why every month? Meeting once a month means you are significantly less likely to forget to tell us something important!

If we know what’s going on in your business on a regular basis, we can be much better prepared to offer you the best service possible. You know how flossing your teeth on a regular basis helps avoid large dentistry bills much more than just flossing right before your dentist appointment? Accounting is the same way!

Don’t wait! If you are a client, sign up for AMA. If you aren’t a client, why not? Come join us!

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